Thursday, January 12, 2012

Olive Leaf Extract...

Well, the topic of Olive Leaf Extract was introduced to me by my Father. Therefore, credit should be given to him. As it is, my Father has High Blood Pressure and Type 1 Diabetes. Of course his doctor has some good ole prescriptions that he has been on for awhile now and that have not been effective. Not good. So, why not look for an Alternative Holistic Medicine approach that will work? That is where Olive Leaf Extract comes into play. Similar qualities and characteristics as Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is commonly used for HEALTHY cooking, Olive Leaf Extract can be taken in capsule form. And just what kind of results are we looking for? How about lowering your blood pressure, lowering the "bad" LDL Cholesterol in your blood, systemically reducing inflammation in the body, it's 4x stronger of an anti-oxidant than green tea, and it reduces arterial plaque formation in the heart. Sounds darn good huh. Research has suggested that 500mgs, 2x daily, should be the necessary dosage. Of course consult your Holistic Doctor for their recommendation. Unfortunately, the Western Medicine Doctors most likely will not have a remote clue about the effects and dosing of Olive Leaf Extract. Finally, is Olive Leaf Extract expensive? A 30 day supply should cost you about $12.00 and that's darn inexpensive.

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