Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Factor X" maybe The Fountain of Youth...

Very encouraging news coming from The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Sit down, read, and watch the video link. THERE IS HOPE ON THE HORIZON. What Pitt's researchers have found is that our own body's stem cells get "worn out" as we get older. Thus, the body is not as resistant to cancer, auto-immune diseases, and cannot not repair as quickly as when we were younger. Well yeah, we all kind of already knew or  thought that. But, what was discovered is that by introducing healthy immature stem cells from a muscle, that they rejuvenated the test subjects (pre-maturley aging mice) life span by 2x, and sometimes more. In addition, they had the ability to repair damaged organs. That's great news. But, what is Factor "X". Simply, it's the name for now, that Pitt's researchers have given the secretion that the immature muscle stem cells gave off that caused the rejuvenating. I say bring it on Factor "X". The elderly, ill, and disabled are ready and waiting...

Factor X Video
Article on Factor X Link

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