Friday, May 4, 2012

Results from the January 1st - April 30th Polls...

Remember, voters with each question were allowed to cast more than one vote per question. 

What do you find most important?

Health 58%

Love 54%

Conclusion: Love and Health are most important to the voters by far. I’ll take that. Though, Spirituality should be right there too in my opinion. It had only 35% of the voters. ???


Which pet is the best for helping you relieve stress?

Dog 72%

Conclusion: The dog is man’s best friend… You just cannot beat unconditional love.

What type of music relaxes you?

Classical 43%

Other 39%

Conclusion: Classical and Other (?) music relaxes the voters the most. What the “other” type of music is, I have no idea, but it seems to be working better than Rock, Opera, Country, or Jazz. Maybe it’s a meditative or Asian type music. That could very well be…


Which type of medicine do you find most beneficial?

Western 50%

Holistic 45%

Eastern 40%

Homeopahtic 35%

Conclusion: Well I think it’s fair to say that voters are “open minded” to various forms of medicine. I guess that means they will search for whatever gets them a better quality of life or a cure. I like that thinking. It’s the, “leave no stone unturned” approach.

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