Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rasberry Ketones Burns Fat...

It's summer time. Yeah. Time to show off that "lean and mean" body. Or as in my case, it could be categorized  as still "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". I'm working on a few minor imperfections still ya know. Just a little more time of tweaking needed and I'm ready. Well anyway, the answer to a slimmer body has arrived and it's name is Raspberry Ketones. Before I go any further, you're gonna love this. It's inexpensive and can be found at any health food store. So how about the cost? $12 to $25 a bottle (quantity and dosage varies)? Yep, I know I've got your attention now so let's continue...

Since we all know what raspberries are, what is this ketone thing your wondering. Ketones are organic enzymes that contain a compound, Adiponectin, that regulates the bodies metabolism. In this case they come from the raspberry. Simple enough so far. Though, it is the ketones that do the burning of the fat cells. In reality, they break up and shrink the fat cells. So, you get a smaller you in those special places (waist, belly, thighs, chin, arms, internal organs, and so on)... Where the fat is stored in the body, the fat cells break up and shrink. NO SURGERY REQUIRED. NO SPECIAL DIET OF ANY KIND. NO EXERCISING NEEDED. Now this may seem to good to be true, but it's not. Though of course, by taking Raspberry Ketones, it's not a license to drink beer, eat chips, and lay on the couch 24/7. Go about your usual eating routine. Yet, if you do watch your diet and exercise A LITTLE, your results will come even quicker. That's pure logic. As far as why not eat just raspberries? That answer is because it takes about 90lbs of raspberries to produce 100mgs of Raspberry Ketones - a daily dose. So, to eat 90lbs of raspberries would be impossible to do everyday and cost you a heck of a lot more money than just purchasing a bottle.

In conclusion, we still need to cover the SIDE EFFECTS. The only noted side effect is if you are allergic to raspberries. That's it. You lose weight inexpensively and even reap the benefits of the antioxidant property of raspberries. Sounds great to me. Oh, it's not that I really need Raspberry Ketones ya know. But, I'm just gonna try them anyway...

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  1. That's great information Brian! I've been checking out your blog and you've got a lot of really valuable information. Thanks for sharing and I plan to check back real soon!

    Tammy Smith

  2. HI Brian, I just got diagnosed with MS and I am just 20 yrs old.. I have been wanting to lose weight for a loooong time.. and I was just checking whether these raspberry ketone tablets can affect relapses?.. I am really scared about these things.. Has these worked for you yet. Please let me know..:)