Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spirituality and Your Health?

Is there a connection between your Spiritual Belief and Your Health? Listed below are a few exerts from articles I read on this topic when I searched it out on the internet.

*Religion is related to mental health, social support, and health behaviors. Better mental health, in turn, and  
   better social support are related to better physical health.
*Now well over 65 percent of the medical schools have courses or topics related to spirituality and health.
*Patients who were the subjects of prayer needed fewer antibiotics, experienced a lower percentage of  
   congestive heart failure, and were less likely to develop pneumonia.
*Religious and spiritual practices that have a beneficial impact on the way patients respond to sickness.
   Some studies have found that religiosity and spirituality are associated with improved physical well-being,
  including lower blood pressure, decreased levels of pain, a higher likelihood of surviving cardiac surgery.
*Prayer is the number one complementary medicine for Americans, more than vitamins, herbs or therapeutic
   exercise like yoga
*National Institutes of Health in 2002 found 43 percent of people in the United States pray for their own
   health, and 24 percent seek the prayers of others
*The consistent message is that individuals who use prayer to heal believe in it. Even if the scientific
   community cannot legitimize its effect, skilled professionals and lay people alike believe prayer changes
  things, and when it comes to health matters, prayer never hurts.

In conclusion, take15 minutes and do your own research on the internet. You then make your own decision…

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