Saturday, March 31, 2012

Proper Nutrition and Detoxifying is a Must...

Of the nearly 50 posts I have on my Health and Wellness Blog, I see this one as being the "foundation" of the entire blog. It's a culmination of my 15 years of personal health issues, the various doctors I've been treated by, all the therapies I've been through, the two clinical studies I was involved in, the drugs, vitamins/minerals, herbs, teas, acupuncture, the research I've done over the years, listening to others health experiences, and much, much, more. So yes, traveling down this road has lead me to this post probably being the most important that I can write about. To achieve your own health to be it's best, for any drug, therapy, clinical study, supplement, and so on, to work and achieve it's fullest potential and ability to help you, it is mandatory you do the following. You must put in your body the PROPER NUTRITION AND DETOXIFY your system. Why is this so important? Because the "magic bullet" to keep you healthy or to instantly cure you, does not exist. Yes, Western, Eastern, Holistic, and Homeopathic medicines do work. There is no disputing that. But, long lasting health does require effort put forth on your part. Now, this does not mean for you to stop taking your prescribed drugs, supplements, or quit your therapies. It does mean that you should continue on your current regiment, but you should start making the the transition to SLOWLY incorporate proper nutrition and dextoxifying your body. Why the slow transition and not an immediate one? That's a simple answer. How many times have you tried a "cold turkey", radical, approach to changes in your life? Well, we all have. But, as we know, the results are short lived and not ever lasting. So, to slowly change will give you the best odds in reaching a strong, vibrant, and healthy body for now and the years to come. Yeah,  I know you may feel well now. I know that even your CBC (complete blood count) may look great. But, what if the toxins currently stored in your liver or fat cells are the precursor for diseases and cancers to come?  What if that fast food or processed food you are eating will someday make you ill? Then what? The point is to make the change now. Make the change slowly so you can be successful and have a body that has the best possible chance to be healthy for as long as possible. The other option is you can wait. You can wait until your in the emergency room and the doctor approaches you with that dreaded conversation. The conversation for which you are told of the options that you have and don't have. That is the position where you don't want to be. Limited or no options. Or, options that may have severe consequences. So, I've listed below some links for you to review and research. Remember the following. It maybe one or probably a combination of foods, diets, supplements, drugs, herbs, treatments, that keep you healthy and that heal you. Leave no stone unturned. Try, try, and try again. And finally, Believe...

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A few more things to leave you with. Now these things may ruffle a few feathers, but they are very important. Please control your stress, stop smoking, and quit drinking alcohol (although for women, 1 alcoholic drink a day and 2 alcoholic drinks a day for men, can be therapeutic and healthy).

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