Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do You Need Chelation...

The question remains, DO YOU NEED CHELATION? The answer is, probably yes. Or at least think of it this way - IT CAN ONLY HELP YOU. Chelation, commonly administered orally or through an IV, is the process of removing heavy metals and/or other toxic substances from your body. So, for those non-believers in Holistic Medicine (or called Alternative Medicine), you can stop reading at this point. Go back to lying on the couch, pop some meds, and continue to complain how bad your body feels. For those that are "open minded" and will leave
"no stone unturned" to get better and become more healthy, please read on.

Chelation was first used back in WWI when there was a need to rid the soldiers body of the poisonous and deadly Arsenic Gas. Yes, chemical weaponry existed and was used back then. During WWII, the occasion came up again for the need of Chelation. This time, ship builders were using paint containing Lead to paint the ships. The process of Chelation at this time evolved to be more thorough and with less side effects to the patient. The "Chelation Agent" developed, and still used today, is Dimercaptosuccinic Acid (DMSA). DSMA is what's known as a "bonding agent". In other words, the chemical that is injected into your blood, via an IV, for which the heavy metals and toxic substances bond to and then are excreted from the body through urination and bowel movements. There is also Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA - used in Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium poisoning along with Iron build up) that can be administered orally or rectally. So, Chelation started out initially as a Western Medicine, but over the years has been firmly embraced more so by the Holistic Community. The reason why is that other safer bonding agents are being used. In addition, Chelation is being used to treat patients for more than just removing heavy metals (such as a child that ingested Lead based paint chips and has to be rushed to the Emergency Room) and toxic substances (such as in accidental poisoning). Here is where the evolution of Chelation gets exciting.

Chelation today is mostly used by Holistic Doctors on a regular basis. EDTA is now also used in removing plaque build up and hardening of the arteries (known as Atherosclerosis) and as a strong antioxidant. Just ask my Father this. He went through a six week therapeutic session for this specific reason and his tests CLEARLY SHOWED A REDUCTION IN PLAQUE BUILD UP in his Jugular veins. He had some great success stories to that were shared to him from other patients during his sessions. Go Chelation! Go! Chelation is even being used to treat Autistic children. There is a wide variety of ailments that Holistic Doc's are using this for. Other oral and IV Chelating agents include: Vitamin C, B-12, Magnesium, Calcium/Magnesium, Cilantro, and so on. Contact your locally recommended Holistic Doctor for an appointment to discuss if Chelation Therapy is right for you...

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